Fun stuff I'm on ravelry as SarahNC.

Duke Basketball Report

Carolina Hurricanes Yes, we have ice hockey in the south. And we're pretty good, too.

Sarah O'Keefe

Entrepreneur, publishing consultant, and author

I am the founder and president of Scriptorium Publishing Services, Inc., a consulting company based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, USA.


Along with several of my coworkers, I blog at Palimpsest.

I also have a personal blog, Tempered Ganache.


working on it.

Other publications

working on this, too

Career highlights

Probably not the part where I got laid off. Maybe the part where I then started my own business?

Until I get around to something better, here's my LinkedIn profile.

Contact information

You can reach me via email at <my first name> at <this domain>. The company site has work-related contact information.

Follow me on twitter at sarahokeefe.